We grow, harvest and sell high-quality, sought-after mink all over the world. We are stewards; our mink breeding practices have been on-going for over 75 years and mink is one of the largest agricultural exports of Nova Scotia. Our industry contributes greatly to the provincial economy. New environmental regulations and The Canadian Code of Practice will help ensure environmental and industry best practices as we move into the future.


• Nova Scotia mink is among the top agricultural exports in the province.
• There are 116 licensed mink farmers in Nova Scotia.
• On average, half of Canada’s mink pelts come from Nova Scotia.
• In 2016, Nova Scotia shipped approximately 1.4 million pelts to global markets.
• The largest fur markets of NS mink are China, Korea, and Russia.
• Mink farming contributed over $54 million to the Nova Scotia economy in 2016.
• New provincial environmental regulations came into effect in 2016.
• Our members follow a national animal welfare code.
• Mink farming utilizes waste products and provides valuable fertilizer/nutrients to other agricultural industries.
• Mink are the most commonly farm-raised furbearers in North America.


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